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5 Stars

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5 Stars

From the first consultation meeting to the actual procedure, Dr Hyman comes across as a very nice, lighthearted, yet professional physician who opens up and converses well with his patients. He shared great stories with me as he performed the almost painless, non-invasive vasectomy procedure. One of them was about a couple of his patients who decided to have their vasectomies performed together on camera for their YouTube channel called 'Good Mythical Morning'. I highly suggest you watch the episode as it serves as a solid example for what you can expect from Dr Hyman.

- Jed U.

5 Stars

Dr. Hyman is truly the best! I have been dealing with a persistent issue that's been so frustrating and he has really been very patient and caring. Honestly, he's one of the only Doctors I've ever been to that actually calls me back. Every time I go to see him he gives so much of his time and attention. I can't recommend him more!

- Vanessa W.

5 Stars

I had a procedure by an excellent surgeon in Santa Monica, but with the Getty fire I was unable to get to that office due to road closures. I called around for a doctor who would do the ultrasound to see if I was retaining too much in my bladder and the only doctor who helped me in Encino was Dr. Hyman. They got me in quickly and allayed my concern ... even addressed my dehydration. Back at home now and so thankful that he was willing to step in to assist ... very calming, very kind and even prescribed some medication for my overactive bladder. This doctor is a gentleman ... thank you so much.

- Brian F.

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