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Penile implant surgery is performed routinely by urologist Dr. Michael Hyman once a patient has been diagnosed to have been suffering from erectile dysfunction. When other erectile dysfunction treatment options have proven to be ineffective, They have the experience and skill to perform the most up to date minimally invasive surgical interventions for sexual dysfunction including placement of the inflatable penile implant or penile prosthesis. 

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What is a Penile Implant?

A penile implant is the most effective and satisfactory treatment option for men near Encino with erectile dysfunction. These devices are either malleable (bendable) or inflatable. The simplest type of prosthesis consists of a pair of malleable rods surgically implanted within the erection chambers of the penis. With this type of implant the penis is always semi-rigid and merely needs to be lifted or adjusted into the erect position to initiate sex. Today, many men choose a hydraulic, inflatable prosthesis, which allows a man to have an erection whenever he chooses and is much easier to conceal. Inflatable implants are also more natural.

When should I consider getting a penile implant?

When considering penile implant surgery, it is important to discuss all your options with an erectile dysfunction specialist such as Dr. Hyman who has proven knowledge, skills and experience. Surgery for penile implants is usually performed by Dr. Hyman when a patient has a clear medical cause for erectile dysfunction and when the problem is unlikely to improve naturally or be resolved with other medical treatments. Sometimes a penile prosthesis is implanted by Dr. Hyman to reconstruct the penis when scarring has caused the penis to curve during erections, which is also known as Peyronie's disease.

If you’re experiencing erectile dysfunction and medications or injections haven’t worked for you, penile implant surgery may be your solution. Our group is one of the areas most renowned prosthetic urologists in the Encino, Tarzana and San Fernando Valley area. Offering several types of minimally invasive penile implant surgeries, he specializes in placing the three-piece inflatable penile implant through a single scrotal incision in a single surgical procedure. The advantages of working with an experienced penile implant specialist such as Dr. Hyman can be immeasurable.

What can I expect during a penile prosthesis surgery?

Expect our team to place you under general anesthesia for your comfort. First, he will make a small incision above the penis, where it joins the abdomen, or below, where it joins the scrotum. He will then insert the implant and sutures your incision closed. The total procedure time is typically less than an hour.

Following penile implant surgery, you may experience some discomfort or pain for several weeks or receive a prescription for a narcotic pain medication. Other recommendations might include restricting your driving and refraining from sexual activity for a month or two.

If you live near Encino, Tarzana, Woodland Hills, or Calabasas and are considering a penile implant, then contact our San Fernando Valley penile prosthesis expert today!

What is a penile implant?

A penile implant is designed to be a permanent solution for men suffering from ED and can provide an erection whenever and wherever desired. Talk to your doctor about finding the right implant to fit your lifestyle.


An inflatable penile implant, like the AMS 700 Penile Implant, may be the best treatment option for men with erectile dysfunction. A penile implant is a device that is implanted into the penis, usually on an outpatient basis. The implant is entirely concealed within the body, so no one can see it and is controlled by the user to achieve an erection. This treatment is designed to allow for spontaneity and the erection is maintained for as long as the man desires.

How it works:

The implant includes a pair of cylinders implanted in the penis, a pump placed inside the scrotum, and a reservoir of saline placed in the lower abdomen. Squeezing and releasing the pump moves fluid into the cylinders, creating an erection. The device is deflated by pressing the deflate button on the pump. The penis then returns to a soft, flaccid and natural-looking state.


The AMS Ambicor Implant is an option for men who may have manual dexterity limitations and/or have undergone a previous abdominal procedure. It consists of a pair of fluid-filled cylinders implanted in the penis and a pump implanted in the scrotum. Squeezing and releasing the pump moves fluid to the cylinders, creating a rigid erection. Deflate by bending the cylinders downward at the base of the penis.


The Tactra Penile Implant is a great option for men who need a device to achieve an erection. Contained completely inside the body, the Tactra Malleable Penile Implant is simple to operate. The device can be positioned with minimal effort for use whenever the mood strikes.1 This device includes one pair of cylinders inserted into the penis. The implant can be manually positioned for intercourse and concealment when not in use, for a discreet appearance.1

Could a penile implant be right for you?

  • Designed to be a permanent solution for ED6
  • Spontaneous — you can have sex when the mood strikes8
  • Once activated, the erection can last as long as you desire1,8
  • Entirely contained inside the body — no one knows you have an implant unless you tell them6
  • Designed to feel natural during intercourse and typically does not interfere with ejaculation or orgasm3,9
  • Broad range of lengths available for a custom fit, depending on your anatomy
  • Pre-treated with antibiotics to reduce the risk of infection

With a penile implant, the possibility of organic erections or alternative treatment options for ED are eliminated. Possible risks of a penile implant include: mechanical failure of the device, which may require revision surgery; and upon removal or replacement of the implant, the penis may become scarred, shorter or curved. Pain associated with the healing process can be expected. With the procedure, there is a risk of infection (1-2.5% risk with the Boston Scientific 3-piece inflatable penile implant) and men with diabetes, spinal cord injuries or open sores may have an increased risk of infection. Talk to your doctor for a complete list of risks, warnings and safety information.

Recommended by patients

  • 98% of patients reported their erections to be excellent or satisfactory following surgery2
  • 97% of patients reported overall satisfaction with a Boston Scientific implant; not a single patient reported dissatisfaction 5
  • 96% of partners reported sexual activity with the implant to be excellent or satisfactory 2


Will my penis look different to me or will others notice a penile implant?
Once in place, your implant is fully concealed in your body6,10,11. It’s fully concealed in the body. No one will know unless you tell them—even in the locker room.

How long is the recovery time after ED surgery, and when can I have intercourse?
Most men return home within a day of penile implant surgery and are back to all their normal activities within a week, typically having intercourse around 6 weeks post-surgery.6,10,11

How long does an implant last? Will I ever need to replace it?
It is impossible to predict how long a particular implant will function in every patient. As with any medical device, penile implants are subject to wear and mechanical failure over time. A recent study of patients who received an AMS 700™ Penile Implant showed that the 7-year mechanical survival of a Boston Scientific penile implant is greater than 94%.7 To prolong the life of your implant, follow the advice of your urologist.

Are penile implants covered by insurance?
While most insurers cover the diagnosis and medically necessary treatment of ED, it is important to understand that coverage varies if you have insurance that covers penile implant surgery. Medicare has a national policy for ED, which includes penile implants, although coverage may depend on where you live. Work with your doctor’s office and insurance carrier to check coverage levels prior to receiving treatment. There are financial assistance programs available to help cover out-of-pocket expenses or to help cover the procedure if your private insurance will not cover it.


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