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Dr. Hyman Featured on Good Mythical Morning

Watch the reunion of Rhett & Link and Dr. Hyman on Good Mythical Morning as they revisit the joyous memories of their vasectomy procedure.

Watch the Original Vasectomy Video

Dr. Hyman was initially featured on Good Mythical Morning with Rhett & Link as their trusted vasectomy provider.

Are you Considering a Vasectomy?

Dr. Michael Hyman is a board-certified urologist and has performed thousands of vasectomies. As the San Fernando Valley’s most trusted vasectomy provider, Dr. Hyman will take the time to fully explain the procedure and answer any questions you may have. Call (818) 906-1300 to request an appointment at our urology office in Encino, CA.

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How To Have The Vasectomy Talk

No matter who is doing the talking and who is doing the listening, having the vasectomy talk is rife with awkwardness and pitfalls. Most times it is the female trying to get her man to undergo the procedure, so it is better to have all your facts and talking points in order. Then start slowly. Here are some tips on how to have the vasectomy talk and what to emphasize.

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