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Self Care for Kidney Stones

If you have ever passed a kidney stone, you know the pain can be excruciating. You wouldn’t wish it on your worst enemy, well, maybe…. While some stones are so small, they pass without the person even knowing it, very large ones can be impossible to pass, and surgery may be required. If you are lucky, you can rely on self care for kidney stones.

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COVID-19 Update: Seeing Patients During the Pandemic


At this time, we are seeing all patients for routine care.  Please click here for a more detailed explanation of my current philosophy regarding the risks/benefits of resuming routine medical care.  The following precautions will be undertaken to ensure your protection and ultimate safety during these uncertain times:

  1. All patients and staff are required to wear face coverings.
  2. We have air purifiers set up in the office to improve filtration of air
  3. We are always striving to maintain an EMPTY waiting room.  In order to do this, we ask all patients to call the front desk from your car upon arrival and you will be given instructions on when to come up to the office.
  4. In addition to face coverings, staff and doctors don fresh gloves for each patient interaction from start to finish.
  5. All exam rooms will be wiped clean with sterilizing agents before and after each use
  6. All counters in the front office have plexiglass barriers installed for both patient and staff protection.
  7. All equipment, including ultrasound probes, blood pressure cuffs, etc. will be wiped down with sterilizing agents before and after each use
  8. We ask that no patient come to the office without an appointment and if this happens, we will likely need to ask you to leave.
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COVID-19 Update From Dr. Hyman

Dear current and prospective patients:

Over the past 4-plus weeks, Los Angeles County has been under a state of “lockdown.” I am on staff at three area hospitals here in the San Fernando Valley and am updated regularly on Covid-19 admissions, confirmed cases, suspected cases, ICU admissions and deaths. At this time, we have “passed the peak” at all hospitals where I attend.  This is not necessarily the case for the entire county, as other areas are still seeing significant numbers of patients.

Plans are now underway for the careful and controlled relaxing of restrictions in a controlled manner. When considering the risks of exposure over the coming months, we must realize that the risk will increase mildly. The increase in risk will not be as significant as during the weeks leading up to the pandemic, when no precautions or restrictions were yet implemented. This risk will not fully decrease until a vaccine or other successful treatment is developed, possibly 18-24 months from now.

Keeping this in mind, I believe it is now appropriate to resume your routine medical care. Delaying routine care, such as an annual physicals, routine colonoscopies, mammograms, and prostate checks, can put your health at greater risk than the potential risk of infection. Medical offices are implementing high levels of anti-infection protocols. At our office, we are implementing multiple layers of anti-infection protocols for your safety and the safety of our staff.

Early detection and treatment of most medical conditions are still the best way of remaining healthy, even during this unprecedented time. I encourage you to take appropriate infection control measures and to resume your routine medical care. Be well and stay well!


Michael J. Hyman, M.D.


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